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My Work


Major Project

“Sorry, lost connection” is an exclusive, printed book focusing on the lost connection humanity feels after the pandemic and the rise in technology. The objective of this publication is to educate and make individuals realise their lost connection with the self; each other; the planet and fashion, in hopes of re-connecting it. The book is a styling and creative photography publication with minimal writing, allowing the photography to express deep emotion. During lockdown, Gen Z screen time increased excessively, naming them the ‘tech savvy’ generation. Through the rise of digital assets, online dating, fast fashion numbers at their pinnacle, divorce rates on the rise, 1 in 4 people wanting a job change. The lost connection felt is portrayed throughout this book in a conceptual and experimental way.


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Lost connection publicaion 2.0.jpg

This is the Promotion and Strategic document for my Final Major Project. Incorporated in the file is key marketing strategies, budget and target audience behaviour analysis. 




Size? x Vans Campaign

This is a campaign I designed for Size? X Vans. My idea was based around the brand pillars community and art. For the campaign, young emerging artists entered a competition with an NFT designed by them. The winners got the chance to collaborate with Mike Perry, a graphic artist, to design a further 4 NFT's as part of a collection. The money raised through the selling of NFT's went towards Create Arts charity, giving back to the community.


Zine Project 

This is my 3rd year zine project. I researched into the concept of perfectionism and its consequences. I decided to relate perfectionism to 'sinning', looking into the 7 deadly sins. All photoshoots were conducted by me, including the makeup and styling. Peers wrote in personal confessions on how their strive for perfectionism led them to sin. This publication was printed off and handed in as a physical zine.

sinner front cover for print .jpg


My Hair, Don't Care

This is my year 2 Editorial Project which was based on the theme 'Heroes'. My heroes were the women who didn't conform to societal norms via shaving.

I wrote a journalistic piece on my chosen heroes and did 2 facetime photoshoots, these images turned out really powerful and effective. 

For the second part of my project I researched into individuals using wigs as a way to change their identity daily as well as cultures.

The creative direction of these shoots was created by me, including the styling, makeup and photography.


Psychology and Fashion Identity Report

In this essay, I explored the psychological and sociological influences on people’s fashion identities. Fashion is considered a major aspect of expressing personality, we decide what we want to wear/ look like daily. However, this choice of clothing is confined to social expectations as well as the identity curated in our minds. 

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 22.29.08.png


Graphic Art

To the right are examples of Graphic Art I have created throughout my university course. The first few are from a editorial project relating to hair, the project is linked further up the page. The last edits are from a Trend publication I curated on the future of plastic surgery. 

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